What is effaonline?

In simple words, effaonline is an online health blog that focuses on different natural ways and remedies for a healthy body. From here a folk can learn and know about natural healthy living.

 Generally, authors at effaonline do not talk about serious disease and medical conditions.

We only discuss  topics like How to live a healthy life, how to get healthier, Natural lifestyle tips, common symptoms for normal health issues, simple home remedies, beauty tips and tricks, and much more.

Moreover, we also publish honest reviews of the latest and trending health products and program to give true information about them to our readers.

It is important to know that at effaonline, authors never claim to cure, prevent or treat any disease. If you are facing or undergoing medication for any critical medical condition, then we advise you not to perform or adopt any habit and exercises mentioned on this website. Of course, you can consult your doctor before making any changes in your lifestyle, when you think mentioned advice could be helpful to you.

The logic behind the name of this blog is to provide easy to remember the name of the site.

Who are the authors?

There are 3 main authors at effaonline who have experience in the medical field and are very much enthusiast about healthy living. Adam Miles, Debra Smith, and Ankur Singh– are the 3 main content creators at effaonline.

Adam Miles is a certified health coach who loves to guide people for improving their physical and mental health.

Debra Smith is a certified dietitian from Australia. She holds enormous knowledge and information about foods and different nutrition found indifferent meals. She is very dedicated to improving the health of her patients/clients and readers by providing accurate insights about foods and their content.

Whereas Ankur Singh is a naturopathy student. Currently, he is pursuing his master’s naturopathy degree. Naturopathy is a study for alternative ways to treat that disease that consists of natural ways to treat any diseases, yoga, and food-based treatment. From his bachelor’s degree, Ankur Singh has a very good amount of knowledge and information about natural healthy lifestyle and alternative ways of cure.

Apart from our authors we also allow to publish blog posts from trusted health bloggers around the globe through our guest posting services. You may find few articles from other writers and authors. We strictly check the credibility and authenticity of the content before publishing it.

What is the source of content at effaonline?

To understand better about the source of content, you should refer the source of content page of this site.

Strictly all the information on effaonline is medically proven and taken from trusted medical sources.

What are the earning sources of the authors and this blog?

Our authors are independently working in their respective areas and make money from there. Moreover, authors receive some amount for their contribution to this blog which totally depends on how readers react and give feedback about their published blog posts.

Moreover, effaonline earns from display advertisements and affiliate programs. Amazon Affiliate Program is the major source of earning for this blog.

 If you(reader) click on the amazon product link and ends up with a purchase, then effaonline will receive a small commission from Amazon. The interesting part is readers are paying the same exact price for the product.

Whether you buy directly from Amazon or you buy from links on effaonline, you will pay the same amount. The only difference is when you buy from effaonline affiliate link, you will be helping us to feed our family and runs our lives. So, please help us by buying stuff from our affiliate links.


As you know this is not a medical blog from where you can cure or treat or prevent diseases. Effaonline is a simple health blog that is created to help and educate people about healthy lifestyles.

We request you that do not make any changes in lifestyle, diet, or daily routine when you are in some specific medical condition. Always consult your doctor before making changes in eating or lifestyle, when you are on medication.