Natural home remedies are becoming more and more popular among us. This is because we are experiencing the toxicity and side effects of medication. You will find natural home remedies for almost every disease on the internet but are they trustable? The answer is yes and no.

The reason behind yes and no is the credibility of the sources available on the internet. A lot of health websites are just posting an article for sake of visitors, they don’t even think that the visitors are real people with life. If you take any wrong advice from any health blog which is not from trustable sources; then you are risking your health.

 Whether it is information on essential oils for nausea or essential oils for sunburn or sore throat or even poison ivy- it should be well researched and taken from medical experts.

Moreover, the home remedy of effaonline is truly based on the evidence and research carried out by government bodies and medical professionals.

Here at effaonline, you will find a home remedy for various topics like hair health, skincare, and much more.

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