List of Essential Oils for Sore Throat with Recipe

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Essential oils were best used as an effective home remedy for various mild health issues, but it is only possible when you know the right way to use them. Many health problems can be treated with the help of only one essential oil whereas few conditions need a number of essential oils (blend).

 Today, in this post we are going to discuss essential oils for sore throat. We will see which Eos are best for the sore throat. Also, we are going to see recipes to blend essential oils.

Without wasting any time let’s dive in.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint essential oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, pain reliever properties. When you are suffering from a sore throat caused by seasonal changes, by cold, or you were infected by the flu- peppermint oil is a good choice to treat sore throat. The menthol in the peppermint oil helps hugely in treating different kinds of seasonal health issues including sore throat.    


The anti-bacterial property of thyme essential oil makes it a powerful and effective oil to treat respiratory system problems like sore throat, cold, flu, and others. The soothing ability of this essential oil helps incredibly to cure sore throat.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is popular for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help to treat oral problems. Also, lavender oil’s relaxation property helps to treat sore throat.

Tea tree oil

Generally, tea tree essential oil is used for skin problems but because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is also used to treat sore throat. Moreover, Tea tree oil is also used to treat gum infections and other oral problems.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is popular for its antiseptic property which is helpful in treating cold, cough, and sore throat. The antibacterial property of this essential oil makes sure about oral infections are treated well with the help of oil.

Lemon essential oil

Since there is no strong evidence about a lemon essential oil that it treats a sore throat or not; but there is research that showed lemon essential oil has antibacterial property which heals listeria, which lemon oil could be helpful for sore throat condition too.

Ginger oil

The Ginger essential oil has anti-inflammatory components that calm down throat soreness. Moreover, properties like pain reliever, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic, strengthen the immune system, and others make ginger essential oil a good oil to use for treating sore throat.

How to use essential oils for sore throat?

After getting an idea about which essential oils are good for treating sore throat, it’s time to use them. When you have chosen the right essential oil, it is necessary that you must use them in a proper way that it doesn’t leave any side effects or any other bad effects.

There are several ways to use essential oil for treating sore throat. All of them are mentioned below.

  • The first and very simple way is steam inhalation. Just dilute 6 to 7 drops of essential oil in two cups of hot water (not boiling level heat but yes good enough heat is required). Now put your head over the bowl which contains a mixture of hot water and essential oil, after this, take a towel and cover your head with it and start taking steam through your nose. This method works best to treat sore throat.
  • The second method is direct inhalation. For this, you need to put 2 to 3 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and take that close to your nose and start taking deep breathes. This is a simple way of direct inhalation.
  • Another way of taking essential oil for sore throat is topical. For this, you need 10 drops of essential oil to be mixed with 2 or 3 tablespoons of oils like coconut or jojoba. Once you made the mixture and make sure it is diluted well, apply this mixture on your throat externally. This also works great for the sore throat.

Home remedy for sore throat with the help of essential oil

Here we are going to see one homemade essential oils blend that provides a good amount of relief from sore throat. This essential oil blend will calm down the pain and sensation of the throat. Now let’s see the recipe.

We will need 3 different types of essential oil and they are bergamot, lavender, and tea tree essential oils.

Firstly, to make this recipe, take 2 cups of hot water and pour the water into a glass or ceramic bowl. Now add all the three essential oils to the water.

After mixing essential oils into the hot water, you will inhale steam through your nose. Cover your head with a towel and start taking deep breathes.

Repeat this process for few times until you feel good about your throat. As soon as you don’t feel soreness in your throat, it’s time to stop taking steam.

Final thoughts:

The condition of sore throat can happen due to numerous factors like seasonal changes, cold, or the flu. Although essential oils are an alternate way to treat sore throat, it is a natural and safe way to treat sore throat which can be carried out at home itself.

 If you are still confused about the essential oil for sore throat, then please go through the article again and find your perfect essential oil. The homemade remedy mentioned just above this section is a very effective way to treat sore throat with a blend of essential oils.

If you face any difficulty or problem regarding blending oils and different types of essential oils for the sore throat, then please do ask your query in the comment section.

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