7 (+3) daily habits to improve overall health.

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         Living a healthy life has become everyone’s priority in today’s world of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle.

You can get good health with the help of inorganic quick result-oriented ways, but is they are really good healthy things to adopt for a long healthy life? That is the main question. And the answer is NO.

Only natural living can give you a long healthy life without any unwanted harmful effects on your health and body. To know more about the natural living lifestyle, please keep reading.


In short, natural living can be explained as living a chemical-free lifestyle, use of natural products over factory-made (processed and synthetic) products, going with natural home remedies before anything else, growing fruits and vegetables organically for your family, physical exercises, and the list goes on.

I know we are living in the world, where we all have busy schedules every day. That makes natural living quite challenging to implement. But there are ways to get a naturally healthy life.

We can get a healthy life with the help of natural healthy lifestyle habits and tips. Few changes in lifestyle can bring incredible health improvement. Below are the few useful and essential natural healthy lifestyle habits that you must adopt to stay healthy.

Here are the 7 natural health tips to
follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  1. Keep your body hydrated
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Stop bad habits like
    smoking and excess alcohol drinking
  4. Eating natural foods
  5. Exercise and
  6. Spend more time in
  7. Maintain good hygiene

Now, let’s see why the above things are very crucial for anyone who wants to get healthy.

  • Water is the most necessary fluid for living beings. The human body contains 70% of water, and 60% of the human body weight comes from water. Water has many health benefits, which can prevent you from getting dehydrated and fulfil the essential fluid ratio in the body. You must drink water regularly throughout the day. If your urine(when you are not on medication) has dark colour, then you need to drink more water,and when urine is more clear, that means you are good on water consumption.
  • Sleep is the second most important thing in a healthy lifestyle. Inadequate sleep is the primary reason behind the increasing health problems among us. Every person must sleep enough to give rest to the body and brain. Good sleep reduces the chances of Heart Disease, Diabetes, getting Fat, and it helps to prevent you from Depression. 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended for adults, whereas newborns and children requires more sleeping time than adults.
  • Smoking can cause cancer. You have been through this kind of warning in your life, and it is true. Smoking causes lung cancer, throat cancer, and other types of cancers. Heart health is also severely damaged by smoking. If you want to live long and healthy, then smoking has no place in your life. Quit it now. Excessive alcohol consumption has bad results on human health. Liver damage is the major effect of excess alcohol intake. Alcohol is considered as a medicine and a medium of relaxation, only if it is taken in the proper and required quantity. So look after your alcohol consumption level wisely.
  • Food is the main source of energy and nutrition to our body. Our health, appearance, immune system, and other factors of the body purely depend on what we eat. Fruits, green vegetable, Gluten-free foods, protein-rich diet, whole grain edibles, less-sugar foods are the most beneficial foods to get and maintain a healthy body and life. Try to minimize the junk foods if you are on it. We will see more about food in our upcoming posts.
  • Physical exercises are the most valuable investment of anyone for their good health. Exercise keeps you active and full of energy, which makes you more productive. Meditation is one of the best ways to know yourself and keep your thoughts in your control. Meditation and exercise is the best combination to keep your physical and mental health up to the mark.
  • In today’s world of technology, we all are dependent on gadgets for our work. At some extent, it is good because they save our time and energy. But the problem is we are relying on them way too much, which affects our natural capabilities of dealing with problems. There are few facts about natural living, a person who lives more in nature (i.e. in woods, pollution-free atmosphere) are more productive and innovative than who is surrounded by gadgets. So, if you want your brain to work more than you must spend more time in Mother Nature and away from electronic devices.
  • Most of the diseases are caused by poor hygiene. Skin infections, food poisoning, diarrhoea, and other viral and bacterial disease hold poor hygiene behind them. It is very necessary to keep yourself and surroundings neat and clean. Personal hygiene habits like washing hands before the meal, covering mouth while sneeze, using clean and washed underwear every day, etc prevents you from getting any infections from viruses and bacteria.
 Now we will see the other 3 habits that will help you to improve your health naturally.

1.     Adopting home remedies

Home remedies are becoming popular among people. On the internet there are home remedy available for almost every disease. But my favourite home remedies come from essential oils. They are very natural and with minimal side effects. Essential oils help you to cure your normal medical conditions like nauseasore throat, sunburn, cold, pain at any part of the body.

Moreover, home remedies have no boundaries since they are practising by us from centuries. Not only essential oil is a home remedy way; herbal tea, brewing tea and coffee, plants extraction, and the list goes on.


2.     Read books.

Reading book is never a deal where you had to lose. Books are the knowledge treasure- the more you read the more you have knowledge. Try to complete reading a book in a month. Focus on books based on natural living ideas.

By reading books you will get a lot of tips and idea about organic living. You will get to know about foods, plants, and natural resources that are essential for a healthy human body and life.


3.     Listen Music

Music is medicine that we all know. Whenever we are sad or not feeling well- we listen our favourite song or music track and by doing so we feel refreshing and energetic.

Also, studies have found that listening to your favourite music helps your brain to relax and become more active. You must have heard about miracle of music. Somewhere, you have witnessed that patient is recovering well because of good music. Even patient in coma condition can react when they listen their favourite music track.

So, keep listening your music.



  The journey of being healthy is not easy in today’s busy world, but we must give time to health activities to maintain our good health. We should take enough sleep, healthy natural foods and few effective health activities to keep ourselves productive and energetic.

The points covered in this post are the basic essential things for a healthy life. We will cover more aspects of healthy living in our next posts till then I want to know by what health problems you are dealing with? Tell me your health concerns and I promise to solve that by all my efforts and knowledge. Comment your favourite natural healthy habit in the comment box, and we will intensely discuss it.
See you in the comment section.  

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