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The purpose of bringing you here is to inform you that all the health-related information on Effaonline is true and from verified sources. We don’t publish any misleading information and advice which can affect your health in a bad way. Keeping reading for more details on the source of this website.

Who we are?

 We are a group of people who love to help folks, especially with health-related problems. Know closely the authors and writers of this site in the about section. We strongly believe the Natural way of living is the best way to keep our body healthy. We know that for some specific conditions natural healing ways will not be that effective because the problem has reached a critical stage and needs medical assistance. Usually, we only discuss normal health conditions which can be treated at home itself with the help of the right information, remedy, or little changes in lifestyle. We don’t encourage any health problem is treatable by the natural ways. Moreover, every health stage requires medical guidance and treatment according to its present status.

In short, we publish content that can improve your health, tips for maintaining a healthy body, and home remedies for beauty problems and some other normal health conditions. So, don’t take any information as a treatment for any specific medical condition.

From where we collect health information and advice?

Every piece of recommendation or advice about improving health at Effaonline is truly verified from medical sources. We make sure that our readers get accurate and verified health advice here. Generally, we create health content from sources which are from medical professionals. We read health bulletins of Doctors, the latest research about healthy living, and upgrades of previous health claims. We read and present that information and data in our ways at Effaonline.

Our main sources for the information-

  1. National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health
  2. U.S FOOD & DRUG
  3. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  4. National Institute of Standards and Technology
  5. National Centre for Biotechnology Information
  6. PwC health research institute

Apart from the above sources, we also take information from Top health blog which is based on scientific research and verified health sources.