Top Essential Oils for Nausea Relief

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Essential oils have become the common home remedy for almost every kind of medical condition. They are made from natural resources like tree branches, leaves, and plants. Today, in this article we are going to find out the top essential oils for nausea relief. Essential oils are active components that can cure nausea.

Nausea can take place due to numerous factors like pregnancy, vertigo, infection in the stomach, and other common diseases. Also, you can experience nausea when you are traveling, and side effects of present medications.

Hopefully, researchers have discovered a bunch of essential oils that are proven to provide relief from nausea. We are going to see them one by one. So, let’s start the list of essential oils for nausea relief.

Ginger oil

We are talking about ginger essential oil as the first oil because it is considered the best essential oil for nausea. Many studies have found that ginger oil is an effective natural remedy for nausea.

Moreover, research showed that ginger essential oil is incredibly helpful to people who are suffering from nausea because of recent surgery, pregnancy, or any other medical condition.

Therefore, whenever you feel nausea condition, consider ginger oil as your first essential oil for  relief.

Peppermint oil

Although, peppermint essential oil is popular for its curing cold and flu conditions, it is also considered an efficient essential oil solution for the nausea condition. Some researcher believes that peppermint oil help to lower down the movement of gastric muscles and hence prevent them from being cramping and over-contracting.

The advisable way to use peppermint oil for nausea is to inhale through a diffusion process. Also, this oil works as a pain reliever when it is directly applied to the stomach or pressure points (gentle massage).

Lavender oil

Studies had found that lavender essential oil is best used for getting relief from anxiety because it has relaxing properties. If nausea is happened due to anxiety, then lavender oil works great to get instant relief from nausea pain.

A lot of people don’t realize that stress could be the possible reason behind nausea. Therefore, using lavender oil for curing nausea is a wise step. You can diffuse the oil in the room or apply it directly to the pressure points, to lower down the nausea effects.

Fennel oil

Fennel essential oil is famous for its relief properties for stomach problems like gas issues, heartburn, loss of appetite, and digestive problems. When it comes to nausea, which is related to the stomach, then fennel oil can do wonders.

 The perfect way to use fennel oil is to dilute it with carrier oils and apply it to the pressure points. Experts believe that there is a risk when you are using fennel oil too much. So, be precise about the number of times you are going to use fennel oil for nausea relief.

Lemon oil

As we all know that lemon is popular for its skincare and for the better digestion process. If the nausea condition is because of improper digestion or any other stomach issues, then lemon essential oil is the right choice to get relief from nausea symptoms.

The nausea condition for pregnant women is cured with lemon oil. A study conducted in 2014, had shown that pregnant women get relief from nausea with the help of lemon essential oil.

Diffusing lemon oil in the room or applying directly to the pressure point is the right way of using lemon essential oil for nausea relief.

Cardamom oil

Cardamom essential oil is very much like ginger oil as they are from the same spice family. We have already seen that ginger oil is the top essential oil for nausea relief, so does Cardamom oil is. This oil works best when it is blended with other essential oil for nausea.

Some essential oil recipes for nausea relief

A lot of essential oils possess antiemetic properties and moderate the nausea condition. In this section, we are going to see different essential oil blend recipe that works perfectly for nausea relief.

Recipe 1: Antinausea diffuser blend

We will need 3 essential oils for this recipe. The essential oils we need are basil essential oil, bergamot essential oil, and chamomile essential oil.

Take your diffuser and mix all three essential oils with the water in the diffuser. And turn on the diffuser and let it run for 15 minutes. You can repeat this process whenever you need relief from nausea.

Recipe 2: Antinausea bath blend

It will require 2 essential oils namely bergamot and chamomile oils.

Add both essential oils to your warm bathwater.

Now you need to inhale deeply and soak the water until its temperature comes down to normal (body temperature).

Repeat this process to get relief from nausea whenever it is necessary.

Recipe 3: Dab-on antinausea blend

We will need 3 different essential oils along with jojoba carrier oil.

To make a blend we need 2 drops of ginger essential oil, 2 drops of nutmeg essential oil, and 2 drops of wintergreen essential oils.

Pour the jojoba carrier oil into a small glass bowl and add all the 3 essential oils to it and stir well to mix them.

With the help of your fingertip, dab 1 to 3 drops of this blend behind the ear and on the skin around the navel.

Repeat this process one time in an hour and continues it until you start feeling good about nausea.

Final thoughts:

The reason behind nausea can be different from person to person, but the home remedy for it remains the same for all. Essential oil remedy is adopted by millions of home remedy enthusiastic personal. The nausea effect can drag down with the simple essential oil recipes mentioned in this post.

Try out the essential oils and blend recipes for relief from nausea. As already seen that many studies and research have claimed that nausea is treatable with essential oil. So, don’t wait for nausea to get worse and start using essential oil for relief.

If you have any queries or confusion regarding the essential oil for nausea mentioned in this post or blend recipes, then do ask your questions in the comment section. We will be happy to help you out. Till then take care of yourself and your family. Live healthily.

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